I specialize in evaluating and working with adults, children, and families for a variety of common complaints -- complaints that may be labeled anxiety, depression, or trauma (single-incident or chronic) -- and which are causing problems at home, at work, at school or privately, in a person's thoughts and feelings.  Near the start of our work we will make a plan to bring about the change you want to make. We may administer formal tests to assess your (or your child's) strengths and challenges.
I help adults, adolescents, and children unburden themselves after difficult life circumstances, including missing out on important positive experiences. My clients often say that they are bothered by:
  • Times when they had too much change, uncertainty
  • Loss of a person close to them 
  • Worry that a child may have been abused or neglected
  • Adult or child feeling anxious, obsessive, or depressed
  • Relationship problems with romantic partners, family members, children, friends, or at work
  • Worries about a child's behavior
  • Problems of parenting, adoption, and post-divorce parenting
As adults, we want to feel less burdened and more satisfied in our close relationships with family members or others. Lasting hurt from years ago and traumatic experiences such as betrayal, death, involvement in war, other losses or other upsetting events can weigh on our minds and influence us negatively, long after the event is over.

With parents I provide parenting consultations, to avoid the mistakes seen in other parents or to understand a hard-to-understand child. Parents use our short-term work to make their relationship with their child more loving, more respectful, and easier.

Even when life seems good, special circumstances -- temporary marital problems, divorce, or the death of someone close, job insecurity, or involvement with the military -- can create frustration with ourselves or with others.

Our consultation can be a short-term (or longer) service to help you do more, set more realistic goals, and feel better than you would on your own.

email: DrEliseBonRudin@gmail.com

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